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    Our Factory
    Dalian Taijia Technology Co.,Ltd is a high technology company which specializes in supplying and supporting of flow measurement equipment. prime products include ultrasonic transit-time flow meter, magnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter ,turbine flow meter and ultrasonic level meter, ultrasonic thickness meter etc. Our products are widely used in water supply and drainage water, petroleum and chemicals, food and pharmaceutical.
    We thank you for visiting our Web Site and look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you.
    Our Product
    1.Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter
    2.Liquid Flow Meter
    3.Gas Flow Meter
    4.Ultrasonic Level Meter
    5.Ultrasonic Thickness gauge
    6.Rebar Locator
    7.Rebound Hammer
    Product Application
    Liquids: water/wastewater,oil,fuel,chemical.
    Construction industry
    Our CE Certificate
    Production Market
    We have sold product in more than 30 countries, such as America. Italy. India. Korea. Germany. Canada. Australia etc.open channel ultrasonic flow meter price

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