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    The utility model relates to a novel horizontal intermittent vacuum drying device. The wet material is evaporated by conduction, and the scraper stirrer continuously removes the material on the hot surface, and forms a circulating flow in the container, and the water is evaporated and then pumped out by the vacuum pump. The machine adopts large-area interlayer heating method, which has large heat transfer surface and high thermal efficiency. The stirring is set to form a continuous circulation state of the material in the cylinder, which further improves the uniformity of heat of the material, thereby smoothly performing slurry, paste and paste. The material is dry.
    The vacuum kneading dryer is easy to operate, convenient for entering and leaving materials, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, reducing the environmental pollution of materials during the drying process, improving product quality, and meeting the requirements of the “GMP” for pharmaceutical management regulations.
    Scope of application
    1. The following materials are dried in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
    2, Suitable for slurry, paste, powder materials.
    3. Heat sensitive materials requiring low temperature drying.
    4, Easy to oxidize, explosive, strong stimulation, highly toxic materials.
    5. Materials requiring organic solvent recovery.Mixing And Filtering Equipment

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